What is Title Insurance?


Having a clear title is important to the sale and purchase of a home and title insurance is important to you, the new homecomer. 

Title insurance protects your ownership rights as the titleholder.

It isn’t something you should have to think about. It’s simply something you should have… so you can think about what’s really important – enjoying your home!

Why Do I Need Title Insurance?

While ownership of our home seems very straightforward, our rights to enjoy our property aren’t always as clear. Every property starts out with a bundle of rights that its owner can expect. Over the years with each new possession of a property, events can take place that affect the title, such as refinancing, a tax lien, an encroachment by a neighbor, or the marriage, divorce, or death of an owner.

Land is permanent, but its ownership isn’t.

An Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance is assurance that we, as your title company, will stand behind you – monetarily and with legal defense – if a title problem arises after you buy your home. 

Title insurance isn’t like most of the things we Americans buy. In fact, it’s not exactly a product, but more of a process. It’s different from other kinds of insurance, too, in that the premium you pay just once buys coverage that lasts the entire time you, or your heirs, own your home – whether it’s five years or 105!